Borderlands Collection Falls Prey to Infuriating Switch Port Trend

Borderlands Collection Falls Prey to Infuriating Switch Port Trend

  • Borderlands is finally making its way to Nintendo Switch.
  • The physical variation requires a massive download to play all three games of the collection.
  • This is a slap in the face to anybody getting Switch video games without a big micro SD expansion card.

It’s main. Borderlands Legendary Collection is concerning Nintendo Switch. Quickly you’ll be able to play through the very first 3 games in the timeless looter-shooter series. This is magnificent news for fans of the series, but if you purchase a physical copy, you’re in for a nasty shock.

Your cartridge will only include the very first game, and even that requires a 6GB download. Then it’s another 35 GB download to play the remainder of the titles.

Hope Your Change Has a Fat SD Card Before You Attempt Setting Up Borderlands

There’s a factor Nintendo is still producing physical Change games. Because people are buying them.

And one reason they’re purchasing them is to avoid purchasing substantial SD cards to expand the console’s internal storage.

Some unlucky player is going to purchase the Borderlands Legendary Collection and wind up unable to play the thing without making another journey to the store.

To play everything “included” on the cartridge, you’ll require to purchase a 64 GB micro SD card. At that point, you might also buy the video game digitally for all the good the physical copy is doing for you.

Borderlands is great. The Borderlands Legendary Collection Switch cartridge isn’t.|Source: Gearbox/2k

Why Could Not Everything be Squeezed Onto the Cartridge?

It’s inexplicable that in a world were 1TB micro SD cards exist, 2K could not fit every Borderlands video game onto a Switch cartridge.

Presumably, they wished to conserve themselves some money. But honestly, Change cartridges are expensive sufficient already without lazy publishers forcing you to spend for extra storage.

At least, Nintendo ought to slap a fat caution on the Borderlands Legendary Collection box. It would truly draw to buy a game and then find out your console can’t play it.

Regrettably, this pattern shows no signs of letting up anytime quickly.

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