Philippine army outraged by fatal police shooting of troops

The Philippine army chief has revealed outrage over the fatal cops shooting of 4 soldiers and required justice


JIM GOMEZ Associated Press

June 30, 2020, 3: 26 AM

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MANILA, Philippines–
The Philippine army chief expressed outrage Tuesday over the deadly cops shooting of four soldiers, including 2 officers, and required justice with both sides supplying contrasting accounts of the killings.

Eduardo Ano, a retired military chief of personnel who now oversees the nationwide authorities as interior secretary, bought the police involved in Monday’s violence in the southern town of Jolo in Sulu province be deactivated and restricted for investigation.

Police said the soldiers were killed in a “misencounter” with a group of policeman. The army has actually countered that its two officers and two employed men were on a mission against Abu Sayyaf militants, consisting of suspected suicide bombers, when they were flagged down and later fatally shot by police without provocation even after the soldiers identified themselves.

An army declaration said its commanding basic, Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay, “is furious” and promised “there will be no slow down in our quest for reality and justice.”

The violence reflects the often-complicated conditions under which the project against the Abu Sayyaf and its allied foreign and local militants has actually been waged by the military, with backing from the cops, for about three years. The on and off offensives have significantly compromised the Abu Sayyaf, which is blacklisted by the U.S. and the Philippines as a terrorist group, however it stays a nationwide security danger.

” This is an extremely regrettable occurrence that must have not taken place,” Ano said. Aside from a cops examination he stated he would ask the National Bureau of Investigation, Manila’s equivalent to the FBI, to perform a query.

An initial police report said Jolo authorities were on patrol with anti-illegal drug representatives in the town’s Bus-Bus town when they identified an SUV with “4 armed male persons,” whom they stopped. The four were directed to drive to the Jolo authorities station “for verification” but when they showed up there, “the said individuals ran away,” the report said.

Cops chased after the four, who went out and pointed their weapons at cops.

” Prior to they could shoot, the Philippine National Police personnel had the ability to shoot them in defense,” stimulating an exchange of shots that killed “the 4 suspects,” the authorities said.

Gapay stated that cops at a checkpoint flagged down the four soldiers, who effectively recognized themselves, but the authorities later “approached and fired upon them for still unidentified reasons.”

Pointing out eyewitnesses, Gapay said “no run-in took place between the 2 celebrations nor was there any provocation on the part of army workers to warrant such carnage.”

An army officer with knowledge of what took place told The Associated Press that while being trailed by a van of policemen, the soldiers stopped and among the officers left their SUV with his hands up, obviously to suggest he had no hostile intent.

However the authorities opened fire and killed the four soldiers, who were in casual clothes, for still unusual factors, said the army officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the fact that of the delicate nature of what taken place.

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